Covid and Other Updates

As of November 18th, we can no longer provide indoor tasting/seating until after December 14th.

As many of you heard from Governor Inslee, restaurants and tasting rooms must close to indoor seating.  Because of the winter weather, we have decided to shift Three of Cups to be curbside pick-up and online order/shipping only at this time and not provide outdoor tasting. Our outdoor awnings simply do not provide enough protection or hold enough heat for outdoor tasting.

  1. Shipping: This can be done through our website
  1. Curbside:  If you would like to order wine through the website and pick-up curb-side, we simply ask that put a note in your online order noting the day and approx. time you will be by to pick up your order. You can also arrange a time directly with us by either emailing or calling 425-286-6657 and leave a detailed message letting us know your contact info, order number, and approximate time you will be coming by to pick up. We offer this on Saturdays from 12-4pm only; we will be closed on Sundays during the new lockdown; please make note of our change in hours. You can also call us when you arrive from your car and we will come out with your order. We will not be at the winery unless we have pick-ups arranged.  
  1. Club pick-ups: Just a reminder for those of you who have not picked up your club allotment from this month, these are available for shipping (just email us and ask us to convert to shipping and ensure your shipping address on-file is correct) or curb-side. We have a tasting platter which accompanies the release that you can pick-up with your shipment if you let us know in advance on Wednesday before the Saturday pick-up.   You can also make a reservation to pick-up and get your paired platter by using our Reservation system. Doing a tasting platter also supports Osprey Bistro in SouthPark (
    1. Go to
    2. Click on “I Accept” that you are over 21 years of age.
    3. Click on “Our Wines, then choose “Buy Wine”.
    4. On the top menu bar you will see “Current Release – Reservations – Gift Cards.”  Click on the text “RESERVATION”.
    5. Please sign-into your account and if you don’t remember your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link.
    6. Choose “Pick-up Reservation.”  (The Tasting Room Area is for the general public so if you would like your snack platter and free wine, you will need to select “Pick-up Reservation.”)
    7. Select the number of guests.
    8. Select the date you wish to come.
    9. Select the time you would like.
    10. Check the COVID-19 information box.
    11. Click on “Confirm”.

Thank you all so much for your continued support! We hope you and your families are staying safe and look forward to seeing everyone in the tasting room at next opportunity. Have as-good-as Thanksgiving holiday as you can!

Shipping In or Out of State:

  • If you need your order shipped, order on-line and ensure your shipping information is correct:
    • If our system does not recognize the state you live in for shipping, please let us know you would like your order shipped in the order notes section and we will contact you (via the email you have on file) to confirm shipping details.
    • When you create your account, do put a credit card on-file so we can charge you shipping after we confirm the cost with you.
    • We can ship to all but seven states that do not allow direct wine sales.


We have the 2019 Rose of Cinsault on sale for $10 a bottle until gone. No additional club discounts at this price – enjoy!